Our Services

Following our philosophy “Love for the planet and respect for society, working in harmony and always in constant innovation, ethics and human spirit”, in FRHOMIMEX we offer several services for support of producers of organic fruit in Michoácan.


We have the conditions and distribution routes to satisfy consumers of various fruits such as avocado, grapefruit, mango, fruit of passion, papaya and manzano pepper, complying with the guidelines for […]

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Organic Certification

Since we were the pioneers in the production of organic avocado in México, we manage the organic certifications through IMO cert Latin America for JAS, NOP, EU, FAIR FOR LIFE, […]

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Supplies for agriculture

Producing the highest quality organic fruits is a pride for us, so we have developed a line of supplies for agriculture under the brand “Organic Agriculture and Biodynamics of México” […]

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